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TMS RUS is a cooperation partner of
TÜV SÜD in EEU countries

TMS RUS is a cooperation partner of TÜV SÜD in EEU

TUV SUDNearly 150 years German Group TÜV SÜD offers services for domestic and international markets, steadily improving and adapting the Group’s services to local needs and requirements.

In changing environment of global markets continuous improvement program exploiting the positive experience in countries of Central and Eastern Europe supported by further structural changes is necessary to secure successful development of our expert organization. In line with that in December 2014, TÜV SÜD Board of Management recognizing the Russian market to be highly attractive for the Group, decided about the future development of TÜV SÜD in Russia until 2020.

In order to accelerate the business development of company with regard to technical and management services, at the end of 2014 TÜV SÜD Board of Management decided to raise significantly the Russian stockholder capital in the company via partial Management Buy-in. And there appeared TMS RUS that remains to be the same legal entity, where the scope of rights and liabilities to business partners maintain unchanged in full force and effect. 

These organizational changes were designed by the TÜV SÜD management with the goal to optimize the effects for actual and future customers and in the same time offer additional benefits in form of flexibility and speed towards creation of solutions reflecting local conditions. In spite of it, the high quality standards of TÜV SÜD are retained.

TMS should be considered as an official exclusive representative of TUV SUD Group, which not only keeps in touch with the Group, but also collaborates with all relevant divisions and departments.

In this way the important matters for customers remain the same – service portfolio, the company's staff with their qualifications and high quality of TÜV SÜD certificates. The newly created companies TMS Russia, TMS Serbia and TMS Ukraine are authorized by the TÜV SÜD Group as the successors of the existing TÜV SÜD legal entities in the markets.

TMS Russia represent constant development, with guaranteed stability in the rules and quality of services.

TMS are new companies in terms of broader opportunities for optimization, introduction of new products ability to respond very quickly to market demands.

TMS are traditional companies respecting the values of TÜV SÜD and benefiting from its broad experience, knowledge and worldwide network.

As partner of TÜV SÜD companies TMS follow the procedures and rules of TÜV SÜD and will coordinate with TÜV SÜD also its strategy and plans for future development.