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150 years of inspiring trust

Construction Supervision

For 150 years we have been making the world safer!

Not without vanity can we say that for a century and a half TÜV SÜD has accumulated unique experience in all areas of its activity.

The construction industry is one of the areas in which TÜV SÜD has all the necessary skills and resources to carry out tasks that require a responsible and prompt approach as well as to implement complex projects.

We support our Customers in all the branches of industrial and commercial construction, having an understanding of the specific features of the issues that we face in the process of troubleshooting for our Customers.

Being an expert company with a world-wide reputation, we show the highest requirements to our activities, and our Customers, acquiring the services of Construction Control or Technical Customer, receive a product that meets the standards of TÜV SÜD, international business processes and requirements of the Russian Federation.

We forward our Customers in their efforts to take an active position at the market.

As a part of the implementation of construction projects, the organization and management of the Construction Control of TÜV SÜD allows our Customers to minimize the risks associated with the activities of the contractors, to optimize the project budget, to control and to manage the construction time.

By recruiting TÜV SÜD specialists to perform the functions of the Technical Customer, our clients receive a reliable and responsible partner who guarantees timely performance of survey, design, construction and assembly works, as well as installation of process equipment, through the proper organization and coordination of all project participants works, providing a guarantee of timely commissioning of the facility.

A wide range of services provided by TÜV SÜD for the construction industry allows us to approach each Customer individually and to solve the problems of any complexity that arise at one or another stage of the investment project cycle.

Costs for Construction control and Technical customer services are defined individually for every client based on the project features.

Long-term experience of TÜV SÜD, a conservative approach to technical solutions, a balanced pricing, as well as our possibility to optimize the project to reduce both capital costs and future operational costs saving the quality cannot be overrated.

TÜV SÜD is a reliable partner that can be entrusted with the solution of any problems!

Construction Supervision