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Embedded Systems

Build and operate a faultless network

Embedded systems play an increasingly important role in our networked and automated world. They are the “brains” of many devices and are implemented in a wide range of industry sectors, including energy, chemical, oil and gas, transport and logistics.

The variety and use of embedded systems is constantly changing and evolving. Yet one thing remains unchanged. A fault that affects multiple devices spells multiple headaches. Embedded systems are a key component of networks that rely on the interoperability of various devices or systems to function. With so much resting on one system, manufacturers and operators need highly reliable embedded technology.

Embedded systems are already widely used to measure, regulate and control various devices and systems. More processes are becoming automated for efficiency. Information exchange between networks is growing. Consequently, there are increasing issues of security and availability both for the individual device and the system as a whole.

TÜV SÜD provides integrated solutions from the design concept through to operation and maintenance. Our conformance testing covers single components as well as communication testing between devices and the safety of the overall system.

Our end-to-end approach enables you to minimise faults and maximise efficiency.


Industrial IT Security

Embedded Systems

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduce your business risks in the early development phases
  • Save time and costs with better control over complex processes
  • Benefit from a suite of services in all testing areas
  • Increase customer confidence in your product through independent testing