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Energy audits

Maintain an efficient balance between energy requirements and consumption

Effective management of energy-consuming systems can lead to significant cost and energy savings as well as extended equipment life. TÜV SÜD’s energy audits are a study of the building’s energy use and are used to help with identifying opportunities for energy conservation, as well as establishing an energy management program. A successful energy management program begins with a thorough energy audit to determine ways to reduce the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC).

The first objective of the energy audits is to reduce energy use in areas where energy is wasted and ensure that reductions will not cause disruptions to the various functions. The second stage is to improve efficiency of your energy conversion equipment. We establish and maintain an efficient balance between your building's annual functional energy requirements, and its actual annual energy consumption.

Energy audit services are applicable for technical installations for industrial use and also commercial / residential buildings. Energy efficient initiatives can contribute to accumulation of credits under energy consumption or Green Building rating systems.