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Industrial IT Security

Protecting your IT security

Today, industrial automation and control systems can be built from standardised hardware and software components. These open systems facilitate integration and reduce dependence on suppliers. Standardised components enable the networking of control systems, production equipment and office IT even over large distances. Integrated communication accelerates production, provides for a clearer overview and cuts development and operating costs.

Since Stuxnet, probably the most famous computer worm, we have been aware that industrial automation and control systems are vulnerable to attacks. How can we protect these systems from malicious attacks, sabotage and espionage? Analyses, assessments and tests play a key role in implementing appropriate security controls against these threats.

We at TÜV SÜD assist you in meeting this challenge. We analyse your equipment and processes, assess vulnerabilities and risks and test the security of your systems. 

Our services at a glance

  1. Consulting for Industrial IT security
  2. ICS Security Handbook
  3. Industrial IT Security Risk Assessment
  4. Basic Checks for IT Security
  5. Complete Industrial IT Security Check (Advanced Assessment)
  6. Penetration Testing


Your benefits at a glance


  • We help you reduce the risks of production downtime, image and financial losses.
  • Demonstrate the security of your industrial IT with the help of a TÜV SÜD certificate.
  • We advise you on the residual risks.