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International Standards for Safety of Feed, Feed Additives, Mixed Feed and Premixes GMP+

GMP+ StandardRequirements for Safety of Feed and Feed AdditivesAs the Russian market is getting increasingly focused on exporting to the EU countries, more and more manufacturers have to implement product safety management systems to align their operations with the internationals standards.

Today the GMP+ Standard (requirements to animal feed safety management system) has become of special interest for manufacturers of animal feed, feed additives, mixed feed and premixes. Since Julу 1, 2014, the European Union has tightened up the export rules with regard to some animal feed and ingredients from manufacturers that are not certified for compliance with GMP+ or other recognized certification schemes (e.g. QS, FAMI-QS) for assuring the safety of feed and feed additives. The export of such ingredients has been prohibited since January 2015.

GMP+ is based on the НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) concept. GMP+ standards are aligned with ISO 9001 principles related to the management system, but it also sets out some additional requirements for:

  • products;
  • processes, e.g. procurement of raw materials and services, sampling and storing of samples, end-product monitoring, product safety assurance, etc.

Requirements for Safety of Feed and Feed Additives

Feed requirements are based on European standards of quality and safety of feed and feed additives and include all EU Directives applicable to their production. Adherence to GMP+ will enable certified companies to output products, including mixed feed and premixes, in line with European safety standards and using methods of safety indicator analysis.

Participants in the GMP+ certification scheme will gain access to international databases of animal feed manufacturers, information on product quality and safety, as well as to the shared database with the information on risk assessment, known incidents in the feed chain and the world's best practices.

The TMS certification body provides certification audits for compliance with GMP+ and FAMI-QS requirements.

TMS invites everyone interested to take part in our training programs in GMP+ certification requirements and procedure.

Your Benefits:

  • High quality animal feed ensures the safety of animal-based food;
  • The GMP+ certificate of animal feed quality presents an indisputable competitive edge and facilitates your entry into the global market;
  • You get an integrated system for product quality and safety management;
  • The system will allow you to identify potential risks pro-actively and prevent the transfer of hazardous ingredients into animal feed.


Training in International Standards for Safety of Feed and Feed Additives

Training in International Standards for Safety of Feed and Feed AdditivesStaff training is one of the most effective tools for any organization to achieve its strategic goals. TMS RUS trainings will forge your competitive edge!