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ISO 50001. Energy Management Systems. Requirements and Application Guidelines

iso 50001

Today the issues of energy resources management and energy efficiency have come to the forefront almost in all industries and market segments. Optimization of power consumption is one of the most important objectives for every responsible business committed to sound resource management.

ISO 50001:2011 was developed for organizations in various industries and of various sizes. It streamlines the regulation of management processes and technical aspects while encouraging companies to improve their energy performance.

ISO 50001 Key Requirements:

  • development of a more effective energy management policy;
  • alignment of the company's targets and objectives with the policy;
  • development of a data monitoring system that would enable making informative decisions on proper and effective activities;
  • ongoing improvement of system operations.

Energy Management System Benefits

The implementation of the energy management system will help you to:

  • adhere to legal requirements in the field of energy performance and environment protection;
  • optimize energy consumption, bring down costs of energy from external sources and, as a result, make your investment planning more accurate;
  • ensure managerial and financial transparency and, therefore, streamline the company's interactions with government authorities, financial institutions and partners;
  • reduce the company's carbon footprint;
  • increase investment prospects of the company in the national and international markets;
  • won recognition of consumers and the community.

ISO 50001 Certification in TÜV SÜD

Organizations and firms from any industries, of various size and forms of incorporation can be certified for compliance with ISO 50001 requirements. Taking into account the above benefits, the energy management system certification can be of particular interest for construction companies, industrial plants and carriers.

Providing ISO 50001 certification audits, TMS RUS:

  • follows the accredited procedure;
  • leverages the expertise of qualified auditors from the Russian Federation;
  • supports the promotion of our certified customers through open registers of certified organizations published on the certification body's web-site.


ISO 50001 / Energy Management System Training

ISO 50001 / Energy Management System TrainingStaff training is one of the most effective tools for any organization to achieve its strategic goals. TMS RUS trainings will forge your competitive edge!