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Additional aspects of the technical audit

We have already published articles about the advantages of the use of the audit methodology in the work with suppliers, considered issues of the competence of the auditors who can provide a qualified assessment of the production conditions, the functioning of the quality management system (QMS). However, in the last years our expectations on the current or future providers of products and/or services have extended far beyond the quality management system. Why?

A reliable supplier nowadays is an organization with a management system considering not only customers´ interests, but also those of shareholders, the personnel and the society.  Such a balance provides confidence in the work with supervisory bodies, sustainability and business stability. Understanding that, in the end, the availability of a system in the work with the personnel, owners and the community provides guarantees of existence of a supplier organization, there appears a necessity to apply some more aspects to the technical audit.

 The main aspects in addition to the “classic” requirements of the production system are the following:

  • Requirements from the national legislation;
  • Requirements on the personnel motivation;
  • Requirements on the supplier´s financial sustainability.

Regarding the first part, it does not seem to be complicated to figure out the audit criteria, as there is a great number of regulatory documentation. The main thing in the process of selecting the requirements will be to maintain the right balance between the already existing QMS applicable criteria and additional requirements in the area of occupational safety, environmental protection, labor relationships and anti-corruption policy.

The requirements on the supplier´s system in the work on the personnel motivation can be as follows:

  • Availability of an employment policy and system;
  • Adaptation of new personnel;
  • Collective evaluation of the work results, the program of the personnel resources development;
  • Provision of a voluntary medical insurance;
  • Social package, corporate events;
  • Availability of well-equipped dining and rest rooms.

Financial aspects in a technical audit are usually the most complicated. There are several reasons for it: from the lack of auditors´ competence to the lacking experience of financial services themselves in being audited. The audit areas in this part could be the following:

  • Availability of a revenue, expenses and investment planning system.
  • The organisation´s liquidity.
  • Profit.
  • Assessment of the financial situation by an independent organization.
  • Cost-reducing programmes.

The stated above additional audit areas help to get more complete information on the organization, as well as understanding of the partner´s priority development vector. In the result of such a technical audit diverse measures of the cooperation risks mitigation can be taken.

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