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How to choose an expert organization? Principles and approaches of the company TMS RUS

How to choose an expert organization? Principles and approaches of the company TMS RUSIn the present article we want to share results of the twenty years' experience of the expert organization which created the principles and approaches on which the personnel of TMS RUS work.

The principle of our work from the very beginning of activity and up to the present time has remained unchanged:

To provide high-quality services meeting customer needs with good service and high satisfaction.

To constantly achieve this goal, we asked ourselves three questions:

  1. What is a high-quality service?
  2. How to meet the needs of customers?
  3. What is good service which is expected by the client from an expert organization?

Answers to these questions helped us to correctly build the business processes that we implement on a daily basis and which we would like to talk about in this article.

High-quality service

A high-quality service of an expert organization is characterized by many parameters, but the most important remain:

  • presence of competent, motivated experts who are willing to share knowledge, experience, as well as maximize their personal leadership skills to support customers. Probably, each of us faced in life two variants of «wrong» cases: incompetent staff, on whose decision the assessment of your work depended, or highly qualified specialists who were indifferent or could not transfer their knowledge, therefore time was spent for nothing and necessary solutions were not found.
  • provision of services in compliance with all regulatory requirements to the procedure for the provision of services (it doesn’t matter if we are talking about QMS (quality management systems) certification, training or any other services) in order to minimize all possible risks of not recognizing the results of a service or challenging its results.
  • honesty. We are the company that implements fair business. We always advise on services and recommend only those approaches that are beneficial and will lead to the fulfillment of customer needs, and not only to high sales figures of TMS RUS. Our most frequent honest recommendation is recently the one to develop a good quality management system, but not to certify it.

Unfortunately, these basic principles are not implemented in every expert organization. Recently, our company is increasingly receiving unusual orders for assessing the activities of other expert organizations.

To meet customer needs

The environment in which our customers operate is constantly changing, organizations have to be flexible and respond to changes that may occur. This inevitably affects the activities of an expert organization and led to the fact that TMS RUS:

  • annually develops new types of services. We have taught ourselves not to say «no» at once in response to unusual requests from customers, but first of all to think about how we can fulfill these requests. Recently, many services are developed for a specific customer, when we understand that the «scaling» of this service in the market will not be realized. An example of such a decision could be the qualification of our organization in the most diverse systems of social audits.
  • ntroduces changes to business process algorithms. The most striking example of changing processes is a modified procedure for planning audits and delegating experts, an algorithm for the urgent provision of services. Here we had to reduce the time of our response to customer requests.

Good service

The service is implemented not only by an expert, the participants in the business process are the employees of the client department, lawyers, and accounting. And it is very important that the willingness to delve into the tasks, to be flexible, proper motivation was present for the whole team. We are aware of cases when the service did not take place due to the fact that the invoice was not issued on time. To the of characteristics of good service, we also include:

  • availability for communication;
  • advising not only on our own services, but also providing support with contacts, background information on other services, other organizations.

The implementation of the above-stated principles allows us to achieve high customer satisfaction and be confident in achieving good results with our customers, and therefore with ourselves. We believe that most experts and organizations support our approaches, so we will be very pleased with new projects, new cooperation!

Deputy General Director of LLC «TMS RUS»
O. Kolchina