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Lean Production Training

On 1-2 June 2017, for the first time this year, Lean Production Training took place in TMS RUS training centre in Moscow.

The training was aimed at learning the philosophy, principles and instruments of Lean Production. In the course of the training the participants considered issues like:

  • What are losses and how they occur;
  • Regulation of production according to the "5S" system. Error prevention (Poka-Yoke);
  • Planning and optimization of production lines. Large-scale production KANBAN;
  • Equipment management within the lean production: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
  • Quality control in the workplace (Jidoka);
  • Production flattening. Value stream mapping;
  • Standardization of processes and operations;

The training participants paid tribute to a good organization of the training and the lecturer´s performance. Especially remarkable were for them practical exercises, games and team work in the process of learning.

“Everything is explained in a surprisingly simple and coherent manner. A clear response is given to every single question. A positive mood remains during the whole process, wrote G. Suleyman, head of the assembly shop.

We would like to thank the participants for their positive feedback and we are looking forward to seeing you at our future trainings.

We would also be glad to organize Lean Manufacturing training for your company at a time of your convenience.

Please send your applications and questions to: tuev@tuev-sued.ru