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New ISO 19011

It has been more than six years since the issue of ISO 19011, the standard dedicated to the management system audits. All the revised standards and standard drafts concerning management systems reflect users common opinion:

  • Management system audit is necessary. It is a powerful instrument of optimization, improvement, exchange of views, which also allows finding mistakes and solutions in the processes of the organization.
  • In order to achieve the above mentioned “effect“ correct approach to the audit program and high auditors competence are needed. And it is here where resources are indispensable.

The experience in this field is going to be reflected in the new standard ISO 19011, coming out in mid-2018.  

The main change in the standard which was published in the standard draft and most likely to be included in the new standard concerning audits:

  • Multidimensional consideration of risks and opportunities, regarding both the audit program and auditors competence.

The auditor should be able to plan, conduct audits; have knowledge of the industry in question and the applicable legislative requirements, as well as understand the context of the audited organization (significant internal and external aspects) and its interested parties.

Along with the difficulty and products of the company the audit program should consider the management system maturity level as well as risks and opportunities of the company’s processes.

Audit planning, conducting and conclusion should provide for measures of risk management in case of non-fulfillment of audit goals (lack of resources, ineffective communication, lack of the auditor’s competence etc.), as well as provided opportunities (effective time management, site combination, availability of employees).

New ISO 19011 approaches are integrated into TMS RUS Academy educational programs for internal auditors. For the information on the training program please send your e-mail to:

info@tms-cs.ru, Training and complex objects department.