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High Speed and Conventional Rail

Services for manufacturers in the high speed and conventional rail sector



Rolling stock

  • Management of national processes for high speed trains, commuter trains, locomotives, freight cars (CESIFER, BAV, BMVIT, EBA, etc.)
  • Management of international approval processes according to EC-Directives 96/48 and 01/16 (composition of requirements, catalogues, synchronization of national requirements, agreements on cross acceptance, review of test specifications, review of reports and approval documentation, expert opinions)
  • Experimental verification of electromagnetic compatibility, operational safety and lightening protection of the electrical equipment used in vehicles
  • Development of fire protection and emergency evacuation concepts, professional consultation, fire risk analyses, functional tests and assessments by experts
  • Damage evaluation (vehicle fires, collisions, derailment and component fatigue)
  • CAE support: finite-element analysis, structural optimisation, fatigue life prediction, multi-body simulation to assess component and vehicle life, running safety and riding comfort
  • Analyses on passenger room and driver's cab safety of railway vehicles
  • Planning, management and coordination of approval processes for freight cars, passenger cars, commuter trains, locomotives and high speed trains
  • Brake tests according to UIC 541 and EBO §32
  • Fatigue tests of bogie frames and vehicle components according to UIC 510, UIC 515, UIC 615 and DIN EN 13749
  • Running tests according to UIC 518 and DIN EN 14363
  • Review of test specifications, supervision of test activities, review of reports (simulation, test)


  • Safety assessment in accordance with EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, etc.
  • Evaluation of CASE tools and COTS project tools (incl. operating systems)
  • Verification of design documentation
  • Validation of generic products, generic and specific applications
  • Inspection of implementation and project planning
  • On-site acceptance test
  • Testing of components / systems in respect to environmental influences (e.g. EMC, temperature, climate, vibration, IP protection) including thermographic test
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Hazard and risk analysis including quantitative analysis
  • In-house training (CENELEC 5012x)
  • Safety management audit / product audit
  • Evaluation and assessment of train protection and train control systems.
  • Assessment of trackside and onboard, ETCS interoperability constituents
  • Assessment of specific ETCS applications
  • Evaluation of the conformity of interoperability constituents of the sub system CCS, e.g. RBC, JRU
  • EC verification of the subsystem CCS (trackside and onboard)
  • Support of the manufacturers and operators during planning and implementation in the context of certification and acceptance processes
  • Support for requirements management and the verification for conformity and safety of the ETCS constituents and applications
  • Training in relation to ETCS

Civil-bridges and tracks, alignment, civil works

  • Safety assessment of the infrastructure (understructure, superstructure, civil works, energy, interface rolling stock/track, interface rolling stock/ catenary, maintenance plan etc.)
  • Testing, assessment and certification of track components (e.g. sleeper, rail, fastening, track lubrification system, track fencing, etc.)
  • Certification of track measurement cars
  • Simulation of track layout stability
  • Assessment of track constructions and civil works
  • Damage assessment (e.g. derailment etc.)
  • Assessment of maintenance procedures (work protection, functional safety)
  • Compilation and assessment of fire protection concepts (e.g. railway stations, tunnels etc.) 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Insight and foresight about national and international standard developments through our experts' participation in standardisation committees
  • Our network of partners in all relevant rail areas such as universities, research institutes, testing laboratories
  • A partnership that supports your entire product lifecycle, from the initial planning, over the design to operation and maintenance
  • A combination of local market experts powered by German engineering excellence
  • Our unique pro-active and pragmatic approach ensuring your compliance to all international and national standards cost efficiently
  • Partnership with one of the leading global independent assessment bodies with a sterling track record
  • Through our holistic approach and comprehensive technical expertise we understand the railway system as a whole with all its interfaces to the operational environment