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Penetration Testing

Where are the weaknesses in the system?

Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are used for many purposes, run on different operating systems and offer a variety of interfaces. Given this, tools to simulate typical attacks must be developed for every single IED.

To effectively defend yourself against malicious attacks, you need to understand how attackers work. TÜV SÜD tests the security of IEDs using penetration tests – the same methods as potential attackers. In other words, when we carry out penetration testing of IEDs we assume the role of a qualified attacker. In our penetration laboratory, we further simulate environments typical of production facilities. This enables us to extend penetration tests to essential IT infrastructures used in the production environment.

Our services at a glance

  • Penetration testing to determine the threat of IEDs
  • Testing of components
  • Tests of the IT infrastructure as part of the test product installations 


Your benfits at a glance


  • Have a qualified and experienced global expert provide you with detailed understandings of your equipments risks
  • Receive objective recommendations in protect yourself against potential attackers
  • We will help minimise business risks and costs