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Quality management systems for advanced: steady development, improvement and enhancing the efficiency

Quality management systems for advanced: steady development, improvement and enhancing the efficiencyThis 5-day course is designed for employees with a developed and implemented / certified quality management system who want to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system (QMS), as well as those who are looking for innovations and modern methods for QMS improving. The training topics are separated into 3 main blocks: economic indicators of efficiency, quality management methods and lean manufacturing tools, the change psychology and production/office communication.

In this training the Academy TMS RUS borrowed the experience of their European colleagues, having formed training in the form of a roundtable discussion, which permits participants not only to gain new knowledge and skills but also to exchange their own experience and opinions with each other.

The first block of the roundtable discussion is devoted to the study of tools and indicators that have the greatest impact on the development and improvement of management systems: managerial and operational efficiency, the economic benefits of lean manufacturing, assessing the satisfaction of external and internal consumers, and the basics of working with complaints and claims.

The second block includes quality management methods and lean manufacturing, the TQM philosophy, Andon, Poka Yoke systems and the basics of crisis management and successful (as well as unsuccessful) examples of the application of these methods.

At the end of training you are expected «young fighter course» – a 1-day training on finding solutions to overcome psychological barriers that arise during implementation and integration of management systems and change projects. What to do if training of the working group and management is carried out, a strategy and implementation technique are developed, but there are no results? Recipes for successful teamwork in terms of the basics of psychology.

To obtain a detailed training program and the trainer CV please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru