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TMS RUS is a cooperation partner of
TÜV in EEU countries

Services for Construction Materials and Products Manufacturers / Suppliers

Build a strong foundation to access global markets

In the competitive construction materials industry, quality, speed and price are the key determinants of market success. In addition to meeting complex national and international building standards and legislation, construction materials manufacturers need to ensure on-time delivery of products across borders to avoid project delays.

TÜV SÜD partners manufacturers of all kinds of building materials including concrete, additives, insulation materials, building facades, timber products, plastics, wall plasters, paints, varnishes, coatings to ensure that quality, safety and environmental sustainability requirements are met. Our comprehensive services allow you to fulfil the requirements of multiple export markets with one single partner.

Our services at a glance




  • Energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety systems

Testing and product certifications

  • Raw materials analyses – e.g. testing for mineralogical composition of granite, composition of cement
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) e.g. materials resistance to fire, corrosion
  • Warranty testing for material lifespan
  • Mechanical testing e.g. tensile, compression, shear, bend, torsion, hardness, creep, impact, fatigue and fracture toughness
  • Material characterization e.g. chemical composition, elemental contents, toxic metals, outgassing
  • Curtain wall performance testing
  • Acoustics testing
  • Ecological product testing
  • Hydraulic, water-tightness, leakage, wind pressure
  • Simulated corrosion / weathering resistance and outdoor durability
  • Vibration, shock and stress-strain measurement and monitoring
  • Endurance and cyclic performance
  • Metallographic and microscopic examination
  • Product type testing and certification according to national and international standards (ASTM, EN, BS and DIN), as well as Construction Products Directive (CPD)
  • Regulatory testing according to building codes

Quality assurance and construction monitoring

Checking of production and quality assurance measures


Your benefits at a glance

  • Customised assessment and testing programs provide you with a reliable basis for decision making from the onset
  • Enjoy wide acceptance for your project by working with an impartial third-party organization with an international reputation in quality and safety
  • Minimise your risks and liabilities by working with TÜV SÜD, a one-stop expert to all safety, quality and sustainability services