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Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Installations

Production efficiency and compliance solutions 

Upstream, midstream and downstream projects all face unique challenges. Yet some things are constant. Companies that maximise operational efficiencies, react quickly to market fluctuations and comply with health, safety and environmental regulations are the ones that thrive.

TÜV SÜD can put you in this prime position. We have the industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide you with innovative solutions across all operating areas. Our experts steer you through the challenging waters of regulation, availability, reliability and risk. With our high-end consultancy, inspection, testing, and certification services, we make sure that you get the most from every area of your operation and production.

TÜV SÜD supports upstream processes with technical consultancy, research, testing, flow measurement and programme management. We have a wealth of experience in implementing improvements in energy, flow measurement, emissions and environmental systems. This experience is matched by extensive facilities for testing, modelling and calibration.

Our midstream and downstream specialists have international experience in plant and installation safety, reliability and availability. We find cost-effective solutions that match your business and regulatory requirements.

Taking a comprehensive approach, we cover a plant’s full lifecycle. Our global team of experts provide plant and process engineering services that focus on safety and efficiency issues. This includes risk analysis and evaluation and optimisation proposals, as well as testing and full inspection of the plant components and equipment for safety, functionality and durability.

Our services at a glance



Services for investment projects

  • Quality management during planning and construction in line with national and international codes and regulations and customer specifications.
  • Support for constructional design and specifications
  • Owner’s engineering

Services during plant operating phase

  • Integrated inspection of plants, equipment and components while plant is or has been operational
  • Systematic safety assessments and support for safety issues
  • Expert opinions
  • Damage analysis and assessment

Pipeline services

  • Safety and quality consulting during planning
  • Quality assurance of components and assembly on-site
  • Acceptance checks / tests during the course of initial operation
  • In-service inspections, NDT (corrosion and wear)
  • Planning and execution of all QA (Quality Assurance) examinations and tests during servicing phase
  • Certification to US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards
  • Laboratory tests and analysis of material resulting in a test report
  • Testing for materials compatibility and/or durability
  • Accelerated ageing, analysis and testing of offshore umbilical flow lines

Support services

  • Data management within the scope of owner and operator responsibility (DAMAS) throughout entire life cycle
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) / Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) services
  • Risk-based inspection (RBI) services
  • Sale of software (physical data of fluids)
  • Heat transfer consultancy
  • Oil / water calibration
  • Wet gas and multiphase flow testing
  • Training and workshops for the oil & gas industry
  • Environmental consulting and measurements  
  • Auditing and certification to management systems ISO 9001; ISO 14001; and Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC)
  • Unbundled loss prevention engineering



Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimize your efforts for investment and maintenance, keeping technical compliance at a high level by integrating TÜV SÜD experts in your projects at an early stage
  • Rely on our expert’s national and international experience in plant and installation safety and compliance - taking cost-effectiveness into account
  • Depend on TÜV SÜD’s impartiality and objectivity
  • TÜV SÜD provides single source integrated support via interdisciplinary expert teams including national and international certification and inspection services, example:
    • Notified Body for pressure equipment and equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive atmospheres according to European Directives
    • Testing laboratories accredited to ISO 17025
    • Inspections according to national recognitions as Inspector or Testing and Inspection authority, e.g. API 510 570 and 653 in the US and Singapore, Authorized Inspection Agency in Germany