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8D methods. Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving. Analysis and system exclusion of problems in management systems

This training represents a business game that lasts 2.5 days, with the purpose of exclusion (or finding a way of exclusion) one of the enterprise management problems. The additional training purpose is to gain knowledge and skills of searching and solving various management problems according to the 8D concept.

Training is needed for employees of quality departments, specialists and heads of departments of process management, heads of departments of organizational development, as well as for heads of departments that involved in solving various management issues.

The training starts from the consideration of 8D methodology application using examples of the companies-participants. To obtain the correct result we recommend the participation of at least two specialists from the organization.

During the training participants receive skills in the concept of 8D such as using the basic mechanisms used in the methodology of system solution of production process problems (Ishikawa diagram; Pareto chart; 5 Whys technique; FMEA method and etc.); team problem solving (team formation features, teamwork difficulties, team analysis techniques, brainstorming); ways to identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems; the root causes identifying, problem ranking by priority and the possibility of its solution; evaluating the positive and negative effects of change.

The results of a business game allow you to:

  • create a change strategy;
  • understand the applicability of measurement and monitoring techniques to obtain the necessary data;
  • learn to identify positive and negative circumstances that influence problem solving;
  • create a database for problem solving;
  • identify the necessary managerial competencies for team building;
  • learn how to work in a team using various techniques and methods;
  • identify and evaluate the possibility and impact on the result of the problems root cause;
  • rank and select corrective action.

Training ends with an exam.

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru