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AS/EN 9100:2016 requirements. Practice of implementation. Internal audit

During the four-day training participants are thoroughly considering the principles, terminology and requirements of the standard AS 9100:2016 for the quality management system in the aerospace industry. As participants we expect professionals who start working in quality management systems (QMS) with responsibility for QMS development, implementation and maintenance and present the management system to external stakeholders.

Scheduled individual and group work includes:

  • work on context defining of organization, stakeholders and their requirements / expectations;
  • work on process model creating, process describing, key indicators identifying, monitoring procedure defining and process data analyzing;
  • work on risks identifying and assessing for the organization and identifying measures for risks elimination;
  • work on process and company capabilities identifying, and QMS setting objectives based on the identified capabilities;
  • work to determine the employee key competence, training methods and bring the essential QMS aspects to personnel, such as: product compliance, impact flight safety, ethical behavior. Methods of employee motivation to transfer knowledge and evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken;
  • evaluation of photographic materials of infrastructure, work space, production process, warehousing, metrological aspects;
  • work on managing inappropriate results, analyzing the causes and designating improvements.

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru