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ASME Certification

The ASME Code of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers includes the overall range of standards regulating the design, testing and fabrication of pressure equipment and vessels.

A company's entry into a global market can be seen as a breakthrough step on its way to successful development. However, that breakthrough can only become real when the company complies with the world's highest standards, i.e. ASME standards in our case. To drive sales of gas facilities and pressure equipment, a manufacturer has to have documents confirming its product safety and reliability and certifying that it has passed various inspections and tests. TMS Holding Company offers you support and guidance of our experienced and qualified specialists in gaining the ASME Code certificate.

ASME certification with TMS is a ticket to your company's prosperity and development

How can the certification and the resulting certificate benefit you? Certified manufacturers of pressure vessels will obtain the ASME Certification Mark, a hallmark that provide export opportunities and opens the door to other markets. The ASME Certification Mark will help your products to stand out from competitive products of uncertified companies. ASME Certification and ASME Certification Mark means that stamped items have undergone the required number of tests and inspections and conform to the world's quality standards and, therefore, they may be legally sold in over 100 countries of the world, while the manufacturer (holding company, organization) of pressure vessels (ASME Vessels) is in position to compete with global brands successfully.

The ASME Code is recognized in many countries all over the world. The standards and procedures described by the ASME Code enable manufactures to fabricate equipment of high quality. If you want to be certified, please feel free to contact our ASME experts. Don't miss the opportunity to make your products competitive with those of the world's leading manufacturers.