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Certificate of State Registration (Hygienic)


Certificate of State Registration (Hygienic)Since coming into force of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on 1 st of July 2011, all decisions with regard to the execution of sanitary - epidemiological measures have been stopped. Certificate of state registration of Customs Union became one common Certificate for all three countries of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to confirm compliance with the sanitary-epidemiological rules and specificationsof products, substances, dietary supplements (except medicines). 


  • The Certificate of state registration has replaced the Certificate of the state hygienic registration (Hygienic Certificates are not longer available since the 2010).
  • Before it was necessary to get SEZ - sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.
  • The Certificate of state registration does not have the expire date.
  • Period for preparation of certificate – 2 months.

List of goods - subjects to State Registration:

  • Bottled drinking water, alcoholic production, soft drinks;
  • Baby food, products for pregnant women, healthy food, special food for sportsmen, BAA;
  • Products with GMO; 
  •  Food with vegetative extracts, microorganisms and bacterial ferments;
  • Cosmetics, personal hygiene products;
  • Disinfection products and cleaning household goods;
  • Chemical and petrochemical products for industrial use, domestic chemicals;
  • Materials and devices intended for use in systems of drinking water supply;
  • Products intended for contact with food, except tableware, food processing equipment.

List of documents needed for State Registration:

  • Application;
  • Information on the product;
  • Safety data sheet;
  • Information on the components (formulation);
  • Scanned copy of the label;
  • Existing certificates for the product and manufacturer’s ISO certificates;
  • For specialized categories like GMO, BAA  additional declarations will be needed.


Certification of Conformity to Standards of RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, BELARUS (Customs Union)

Certificate of State Registration (Hygienic)