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TMS RUS is a cooperation partner of
ТЮФ in EEU countries

Compliance Audits

OOO “TMS RUS” provides services/carries out audits connected with assessment of compliance with:

  • legislative and regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental

Receiving of unbiased information on assessment of conformity to legislative requirements is of interest of investors and organizations managements, planning purchase or administration of new objects connected with significant risks in the field of labor and environmental protection;

  • international and/or European requirements, imposed to the processes of production, storage, shipment and transportation of finished goods

This audit will be useful during preparation to cooperation with a new partner, entry into the new markets, when compliance degree with new requirements as well as all necessary resources on achievement of compliance have to be estimated.

  • Information security system

Conclusion on this audit provides management and shareholders with unbiased evidences about existing risks in the field of information security;

  • Products with national and/or other requirements established by the producer

Audit of production is often followed by audit of system and results in conclusions connected with stability and/or reliability of producer and product.

The aim of compliance audits is to provide customer with information on situation, existing risks and opportunities of the object audited. Received information:

  • increases objectivity of decision-making;
  • provides with full data set on the studied subject;
  • can be used or structured planning and monitoring of the project promotion, connected with changes in internal or external context (changes in personnel number, suppliers, markets, assortment of products, equipment or other).