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Component Testing and Certification

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Our services at a glance



Environmental simulation

Whatever conditions they’re exposed to, electric vehicle charging installations need to perform safely and reliably. That means ensuring all components are designed for the toughest environmental conditions. TMS RUS can accurately simulate these environmental conditions. Then you can incorporate the results into your product designs. Our services include:

  • Vibration and shock testing
  • Climate and salt spray testing
  • Tests based on IP protection classes

Electrical safety

Electrical safety is extremely important when it comes to high voltage installations. You can rely on our experts to develop a comprehensive test plan. We conduct type testing, certification and production inspection based on:

  • IEC 61851-1:2010: Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System – Part 1: General Requirements
  • EN 61851-22: AC Electric Vehicle Charging Unit

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Like any other electrical equipment, operating charging stations must fulfil regulatory EMC requirements. This is achieved through testing in accordance with:

  • EN 55014-1 and -2: Electromagnetic emissions and immunity
  • EN 610000-3-2 and -3: Effects on public power supply systems

Your benefits at a glance

  • Independent proof of compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Compatibility with local electricity supply.
  • Compliance with operator‘s obligations and regulatory requirements.
  • Minimised risk of liability claims.