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Development and improvement of quality management system according to ISO 9004

The purpose of this five-day training is to learn main management practices to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

This course is intended for employees of organizations, where quality management system is implemented. This course is suitable as for employees who wants to improve QMS, as for employees of organizations with unsuccessful experience of implementation of several requirements, as well as the quality management system in general; for employees of quality management departments who want to get acquainted with the practices of leading international companies.

The training course is based on the use of a business game and additional game materials in relation to quality management system.

Examples of additional game materials include:

  • the definition of a mission, strategy and goals for different time periods;
  • problems of implementation and evaluation of the process model;
  • processes’ monitoring and measuring;
  • implementation of quality management principles and support;
  • formation and decomposition of goals;
  • development of key factors for monitoring the achievement of goals;
  • outsourcing or purchasing;
  • value-based business models and the search for change centers;
  • data analysis and search for ways to improve;
  • features of product and process design;
  • satisfaction and motivation of staff;
  • customer’s satisfaction evaluation;
  • information transfer and knowledge sharing;
  • psychology of conflict;
  • search for reengineering’s opportunities;
  • formation, interpretation and assessment of risks;
  • flow diagramst;
  • and others.

All participants pass the final exam..

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru