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Directive 1999/5/EC on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

Directive 1999/5/ECIn March 1999, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union introduced Directive 1999/5/ЕС establishing a new regulatory framework for the placing on the market, free movement and putting into service of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment in the countries of the European Union.

The Directive is also referred to as the R&TTE Directive.

The R&TTE Directive applies to all telecommunications and radio equipment except for apparatus exclusively used for activities concerning public security, defense, and the activities of the State in the area of criminal law. The products listed below are also beyond the scope of Directive 1999/5/ЕС:

  • Cabling and wiring,
  • Receive-only radio equipment,
  • Radio equipment and its components that are used by radio amateurs and are not intended for sale,
  • Apparatus, products and components intended for civil aviation,
  • Air-traffic-management systems and related equipment,
  • Equipment falling under the scope of Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/ЕС.

Definitions of Core terms Used in Directive 1999/5/ЕС:

  • "radio equipment" means a product, or relevant component thereof, capable of communication by means of the emission and/or reception of radio waves utilizing the spectrum allocated to terrestrial/space radio communication,
  • "telecommunications terminal equipment" means a product enabling communication or a relevant component thereof which is intended to be connected directly or indirectly to interfaces of public telecommunications networks,
  • "equipment class" means a class identifying particular types of apparatus which under the R&TTE Directive are considered similar and those interfaces for which the apparatus is designed.

Apparatus may belong to more than one equipment class.

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