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Directive 95/16/EC — Lifts and Escalators

Directive 95/16/EC — Lifts and EscalatorsLifts, escalators and moving walkways to be sold in the EU markets need to be assessed for conformity to Directive 95/16/ЕС, effective since July 1999. This document was developed by the European Parliament and is obligatory for all country-members of the European Union. Each of them has to adopt and publish the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to implement this Directive.

Therefore, the Lifts Regulations (Act 831) were adopted in 1997 in the UK to establish a two-year transition period until the Lifts Directive comes into effect.

The objective of the document is to lower trade barriers between EU country-members and to ensure stringent compliance with common safety requirements.

Manufacturers, their authorized distributors or installers of lifts are under an obligation to assess the conformity to Directive 95/16/ЕС.

Directive 95/16/ЕС applies to lifts permanently serving buildings and constructions and the safety components used in such lifts, and covers the overall life cycle of the equipment: from production to installation and operation.

Our company is a competent body that provides lift certification services through assessing their conformity to the standards established by Directive 95/16/ЕС.

Your Benefits:

  • Russian-speaking experts with international experience in various industrial sectors.
  • Russian laboratories approved by (in compliance with EU Directives).
  • Comprehensive support and guidance on how to confirm the CE marking compliance.
  • Direct interactions with a notified body