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Efficiency of processes and management systems: estimation and optimization

The two-day training covers issues related to evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of various management systems based on the calculation of results and financial expenses; analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various models of quality costs; identifying potential cost reduction; calculation of the quality cost; studying various methods of evaluation and improvement of process efficiency.

The target audience of the training is managers of various levels, specialists of quality services, responsible for processes, unfamiliar with the methods of economic calculation and financial analysis. In fact, this training is intended for "non-financiers."

During the training, students learn non-standardized terminology and economic terminology, which has no generally accepted interpretation; the use of various methods of monitoring, analysis and evaluation of management systems in terms of the financial component; the possibility of determining the effectiveness of processes and activities, the optimization of process models in terms of efficiency; questions of optimization of organizational structures; the use of reengineering techniques in relation to management systems, organizational modeling in order to optimize economic criteria.

The training course contains about 15 business games, including:

  • selection of economic developments points;
  • formation of costs for the process;
  • selection of criteria for economic performance and efficiency;
  • assignment of cost items to various classification groups;
  • budgeting;
  • analyzing and estimating costs;
  • selection of the priority for introducing changes;
  • formation of indicators for goals achieving.

The training ends with an exam

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru