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Explosion Protection and Safety Certification as per ATEX Directive

Explosion Protection and Safety Certification

If a company's activity is connected with potentially explosive equipment or works in potentially explosive atmospheres, it needs an explosion protection certificate. All explosion-proof equipment and systems fall under the ATEX Directive (the EU Directive setting out the requirements for potentially explosive equipment and atmospheres). The explosion protection certification as per the ATEX Directive covers anything used within, or in conjunction with potentially explosive atmospheres, such as safety, control and regulation devices and protective components, equipment and systems. The explosion protection certification is not an easy one and requires thorough compliance with the smallest details of occupational health and safety rules.

TMS experts can assist manufacturers in classifying their products by equipment type, equipment category and other classification requirements in line with Directive 94/9/EC, relevant EN standards for electrical and non-electrical equipment, and customers' or manufacturers' requirements (e.g. zones) related to Directive 1999/92/EC and explosion protection certification.

As your partner, we will provide recommendations how to make your business compliant with every aspect of ATEX and ensure effective certification.

The ATEX Directive regulates the certification of the following products:

  • Equipment: machinery, fixtures, control devices and parts
  • Protection systems: explosion suppression systems, relief systems, and other systems required explosion protection certification
  • Components: components required for the safe operation of equipment and protective systems

Through ongoing comprehensive training and active participation in international committees, our experts are always on the cutting edge of technology; therefore, with us as your partner, you can be sure your certification process is 100% compliant with the ATEX Directive. Following our recommendations, you will be able to gain an explosion protection certificate.

TMS assist manufacturers to meet the ATEX Directive requirements for equipment, safety/control and regulation devices, components, and protective systems. We offer all advice and assistance possible to help manufacturers get the explosion protection certificate.

TMS experts also provide support to manufacturers in classifying their products by the equipment type, equipment category and other classification criteria.

As our experience shows, explosion protection certification is required for products used in the oil and gas industry and chemical industry. With the explosion protection certificate, your company gains a lead against the competition, which is sure to have a positive impact on your client base.

Please contact us, our specialists are always available to provide further information about our explosion protection certification process.

Your Benefits:

  • Russian-speaking experts with international experience in various industrial sectors
  • Russian laboratories approved by  (in compliance with EU Directives)
  • Comprehensive support and guidance on how to confirm the CE marking compliance
  • Direct interactions with a notified body