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Fire Safety Certificate — Certification of Conformity to Fire Safety Requirements

Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Safety Certificate

It is well known that each product category is regulated by its own quality standards. The compliance with such standards is the key to the product success. Qualified specialists will help you to overcome any difficulties in the field of regulatory compliance, including fire safety certification.

The Fire Safety Certificate attests the product conformity to the Technical Regulation on Fire Safety (set out by Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008).

The Fire Safety Certificate can be issued for different product categories subject to such type of conformity assessment. Some of examples include:

  • Heat generating and electrical heating equipment (electrical and gas stoves, electrical braziers, grills, heat generators).
  • Electrical appliances and devices (fairy lights, various types of cables).
  • Appliances and materials used in construction (electric conduits, roofing materials, upholstery materials).
  • Devices ensuring people safety (all types of fire extinguishers, hydrant stand pipes, compressors, personal protective devices).

How to receive the Fire Safety Certificate?

The Fire Safety Certificate, i.e. the document attesting a product conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulation, can be issued only after the product has been tested. The Fire Safety Certificate process comprises the following steps:

  • to submit a request to TMS RUS;
  • to agree upon a scheme and procedure for fire safety certification;
  • to determine the cost and deadlines;
  • to collect and submit required documents;
  • to sign a certification service agreement;
  • to analyze the state of the production (depending on the certification scheme);
  • to carry out product tests, draw up test protocols (depending on the certification scheme);
  • to execute and issue the Certificate of Conformity to Technical Regulation.

The service fee depends on the category of the product to be certified. To be precise, it is calculated based on the following aspects:

  • analysis of submitted documents;
  • tests of submitted samples;
  • inspection of the production (if required for the relevant registration scheme);
  • documents release time.

The fire safety certification is a complicated and expensive procedure. The following data are documented in the test protocol:

  • emission from toxic substance combustion per mass unit;
  • flame spread rate;
  • flammability group;
  • oxygen intake per mass unit, etc.

The fire safety certification is intended to assess and verify the product safety and is carried out after a properly completed request has been submitted.

The Fire Safety Certificate can be issued with a validity period of 1–3 years. The procedure for Fire Safety Certificate issuance is established by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. The Fire Safety Certificate can be issued based on the protocol of standard sample testing.