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FMEA. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) – a standard developed in the mid-20th century in the USA, the methodology provides for a full work cycle with production failures from their identification to categorization according to the level of potential risk for the production system.

Initially, this procedure was applied in the military industry, later in the aerospace and automotive industries, and today the FMEA principles apply not only to the manufacturing branches, but also to the service industry (marketing, sales, service etc.).

Our training is designed for employees and managers of quality services (QMS responsible) looking for new ways and methods to improve the management system.

The covers following topics: risks assessment and risk significance for the organization, the features of approaches in developing the FMEA product and the FMEA process, as well as further steps are worked out for applying the results of the FMEA analysis in the organization's processes.

In the course program:

  • 6 steps FMEA;
  • FMEA development (Design FMEA / DFMEA);
  • FMEA process (Process FMEA, PFMEA);
  • FMEA team;
  • reasons analysis;
  • FMEA MSR for monitoring and system response.

The training includes practical tasks, such as «Structuring and functional analysis of FMEA», «Development of FMEA process protocol» and much more.

Training is conducted including online!

To obtain a detailed training program and the trainer CV please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru