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GMP for cosmetics manufacturers. Requirements and practice of application of ISO 22716

The three-day training covers requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice according to ISO 22716:2007 (perfumes' and cosmetics' production).

Implementing of GMP requirements can't be achieved without approaching the specific infrastructure conditions: premises, equipment, as well as personnel, raw materials and products.

During GMP training participants immers to Good Manufacturing Practice because Lecturers use lots of photo materials for practice, especially as:

  • production and storage facilities;
  • staff and visitors hygiene;
  • sanitation;
  • identification;
  • main and auxiliary equipment;
  • personnel behavior;
  • instructions, logs.

During the training the mail problems, that organizations face introducing GMP, are considered. Training time is planned to review the global ISO 22716 system questions (training system in organization, supplier selection procedures, etc.) and to answer to detailed questions of participants, for example: which hand dryer is the most correct, how to choose bathrobes for production and many others.

The purpose of the training is to achieve the totally understanding of GMP requirements among participants of the training, who are able to implement their knowledge in their organization.

Training is conducted by lead expert/auditor ISO 22716/GMP.

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru