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GOST-R Certificate

GOST-R CertificateGOST-R Certification is mandatory for any product manufactured in Russian Federation or imported from overseas to comfirm compliance with National standarts. This certificate can be issued either for a batch of goods or on a series-production. New Technical Regulations are replacing the current GOST-R system. We can issue certificates for TR which came in force. The list of products, which are subject to mandatory certification (Certificate of conformity to GOST-R system), is given in decrees of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology.The products which are not indicated in these decrees may be certified voluntary.

Lists of products subject to mandatory certification:

- Electrical and electronic products
- Medical devices
- Cosmetics
- Machines
- Food products
- Furniture
- Household chemicals
- Consumer packaging materials

GOST-R scope main directions



Food, Health & Beauty

Toy & Children Products

Electrical & Electronics

• Fibre & Yam
• Fabric
• Clothing
• Home textile
• Leather & Footwear
• Accessories
  …and more
• Luggage
• Sporting Goods
• Do-it-yourself (DIY)
• Household Products
• Garden Equipment
• Bicycle & car


…and more

• Seafood
• Packaged food
• Food packaging
• Cosmetics
• Body & Hair Care
• Health Supplements

 …and more

• Strollers
• Cribs
• Pacifiers
• Games
• Premiums


 …and more

• Telecom
• IT
• Audio & Visual
• Power Tools
• Garden Equipment
• Electrical


  …and more

TMS RUS can help to ensure the compliance of your products:

  • Assure your products conform with Russian safety standards and regulations
  • Provide with necessary applications required for delivery of goods in CU

We offer you:

  • Expertise in international and Russian standards
  • Global support with offices in all major countries
  • Expert and up-to-date knowledge on GOST R requirements and procedures

Your benefits:

  • Benchmark against world class standards
  • Gain international market access
  • Create business process transparency
  • Monitor and improve customer satisfaction

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Certification of Conformity to Standards of RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, BELARUS (Customs Union)

GOST-R Certificate