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GOST-TR Certificate

GOST-TR CertificateFor harmonization of Russian and international standards , were accepted new Technical regulations.


GOST-TR CertificateCertificate of Technical Regulations (GOST TR Certificate) — in other words is the certificate of compliance confirming quality, established for given production by technical regulations. The GOST-TR certificate can be issued either for a batch of goods or on a series-production.


Some Russian Technical Regulations in force:

12/04/2006 - Special technical regulation on requirements for emissions of harmful (polluting)
substances by vehicles in circulation on the territory of Russian Federation

05/09/2008 - Technical regulation on requirements for automotive and aviation gasoline,
diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and heating oil

17/12/2008 - Technical regulation on milk and milk products

28/12/2008 - Technical regulation on oil and fat products

28/04/2009 - Technical regulation on juice products from fruits and vegetables

01/05/2009 - Technical regulation on fire safety requirements

26/12/2009 - Technical regulation on tobacco products

01/07/2010 - Technical regulation on the security of buildings and structures

23/09/2010 - Technical regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles

25/09/2010 - Technical regulation on safety of machinery and equipment

14/10/2010 - Technical regulation on safety of lifts

31/12/2010 - Technical regulation on approval of technical rules on security requirements for blood, its products, substituting the solutions and technical means used in transfusion-infusion therapy, entered into force on

01/01/2011 - Technical regulation on the safety of gas appliances

15/02/2012 - Technical regulation on safety of fireworks

01/06/2012- Technical regulation on safety of personal protective equipment

01/07/2012 Technical regulations:

  • On safety of toys
  • On safety of products intended for children and adolescents
  • On safety of perfumes and cosmetics
  • On safety of packages
  • On safety of production of consumer goods ( light industry products)

31/12/2012 - Technical regulation on requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, jet fuels
and heating oils

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Certification of Conformity to Standards of RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, BELARUS (Customs Union)

GOST-TR Certificate