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GS Mark

GS, an abbreviation of Geprüfte Sicherheit, is translated from German as "Tested Safety"; therefore, the GS Mark indicates the conformity to the required level of quality and safety. The GS marking rules and requirements are provided by the German Product Safety Act.  

Subject to the German Product Safety Act, the certification body should inspect the production site regularly (generally once a year or every two years depending on the product type and the certificate issued) to make sure that the manufacturer can keep its inspected products and their large-scale production to the applicable requirements. The production site inspection is focused on the assessment of the product quality management system, manufacturing environment, equipment, methods of testing, measuring and control.

However, the GS compliance is not mandatory. The GS certificate entitles you to stamp your products with the GS Mark evidencing its quality and safety. Quality-conscious consumers perceive the GS Mark as a sign of reliability, which has a favorable impact on their purchasing decisions. Therefore, the GS Mark is rather a valuable marketing tool that has proved its effectiveness with customers and consumers all over the world. As a hallmark of quality and safety, it can significantly enhance the product image and ensure a lead against competition.

The GS Mark is a voluntary certification mark for suppliers and manufacturers that prefer to affix this mark to their products together with the mandatory CE marking.

Certification centers and testing laboratories require the accreditation by the Central Office of Federal States for Safety Technology ZLS (Munich, Germany) to be authorized to audit the compliance, issue GS Certificate and affix the GS mark to products. TMS is properly accredited to provide the said services. As an independent expert organization, TMS will supervise and monitor production processes throughout the valid period of your GS Certificate.

The GS Mark is available for the following product categories:

  • Furniture (office, children furniture, etc.),
  • Children products (prams, baby high chairs, feeding bottles, toys and other activities and play products, such as children swings, sliding boards, etc.),
  • Office equipment (fax machines, printers, scanners, etc.),
  • Laboratory equipment,
  • Industrial machines and equipment, other mechanical tools and electrical devices.

Your Benefits:

  • The GS Certificate is readily recognized by consumers, manufacturers and distributors in and outside Europe;
  • The GS Marks on a product signifies that the product quality has been tested by an independent expert organization that exercises regular control over such product fabrication;
  • The GS Mark is an evident proof of the product quality and a valuable help for quality-conscious consumers when choosing which products to purchase.