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ISO 50001:2011. Requirements to energy management systems. Practice of implementation. Internal audit

The training considers the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001:2018 for management system of energy saving and energy efficiency: interpreting the new requirements of the standard, practice of implementing the energy management system (EnMS), developing solutions for implementing the requirements for the participating organizations.

The training covers the following key topics:

  • organization context, concerned parties, leadership;
  • functions, responsibilities and authorities for the energy management team;
  • risk based planning;
  • goals and objectives for energy management system;
  • energy analysis, energy performance indicators, energy baseline;
  • main processes and activities, support processes;
  • system monitoring, analysis and assessment;
  • internal audit and work with non-conformities;
  • management review.

The training includes the following group and individual works:

  • on defining the context of the participating company;
  • on defining the energy management team in the participating company;
  • on identification, assessment, definition of risk management measures;
  • on determining the types of energy consumption of the process;
  • on the identification of relevant variables for significant types of energy consumption; identification of persons / machines / operations affecting significant energy consumption;
  • on the formation of measures to improve energy efficiency for the selected process;
  • on photo analysis: evaluation of successful and unsuccessful practices;
  • on developing an internal audit program, checklist for the internal audit of the facility. Internal audit workshop;
  • to identify corrective actions for non-conformities.

The course lasts four days and ends with an exam.

The training is conducted by the leading expert auditor ISO 50001.

A detailed training program and a lecturer's summary can be obtained at: info@tms-cs.ru