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Lean office

We live in a dynamic, fast-paced world in which information doubles every few years. In such conditions, the functioning of office departments of and organizations (services provider) often boils down to «fire-fighting»: urgent tasks from management, multitasking, personnel gap, endless meetings and correction of other people's mistakes... As a result, the work of individual employees and sometimes of entire departments is focused on activity itself, and not on the end result.

The effective office work is the key to the efficient operation of the enterprise and its high competitiveness! Yes, value is created in production, but it is developed and planned in the office departments (strategic planning, business administration, preproduction, R&D, marketing, sales, procurement).

In this regard reducing losses and increasing of processes efficiency, describing and aligning the value stream, effectively solving problems, 5S implementation and other lean manufacturing tools are relevant not only for the production departments and production sites of enterprises, but also for office processes.

If you want to

  • identify and eliminate the loss of office processes, and due to this,
  • significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities and the activities of your employees

TMS RUS Academy invites you to take part in a 2-day training, the feature of which is the adaptation of the Lean production principles and tools for office activities.

Considered items:

  • Lean Office tools practice;
  • business games to create and align the value stream;
  • Time Management tools practice;
  • practice on individual tasks and teamwork.

To obtain a detailed training program and the trainer CV please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru.