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Metrology and metrological assurance

State regulates the use of metrology instruments in terms of metrology in the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with Russian Federal Laws, Russia Government Decrees, Ministries and Departments Orders.

To obtain permission for the use of metrology instruments (measuring instruments) in the territory of Russian it is necessary to get metrological permissive documentation (Pattern Approval Certificates (PACs) and Verification Certificates (so called, State Calibration Certificates)).

Failure to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation entails the impossibility of putting the object, on which these metrology instruments are used, into operation and use in the territory of Russia.

Features of measuring instruments:

  • Are designed for measurements;
  • Have standardized metrological characteristics:
  • measuring interval,
  • measurement error,
  • measurement uncertainty etc.;
  • Reproduce and/or transfer unit of a physical quantity.

TMS experts provide services on metrological assurance for a wide range of organizations

Метрология в России

TMS specialists offer a full range of metrology services, from provision of consulting services and ending with obtaining of permissive documentation in the field of metrology in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements to metrological assurance in Russia.

Our services in metrology

Метрология в России

Our benefits:

  • TMS complex approach to the organization of the full range of works on certification, examination, conformity assessment, testing, auditing and metrology assurance of facilities in all industrial sectors;
  • Interaction with state authorities for obtaining permit documentation;
  • Consulting and customer support in the whole life cycle of the project;
  • Cutting costs and increasing efficiency of projects;
  • Maintenance of metrological documentation from submission of Application to getting a permit for the use on the territory of the Russian Federation.