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Metrological analysis & project evaluation

Metrological analysis & project evaluationBased on our experience, project organizations have difficulty in determining the level and composition of metrological assurance of facility, as well as the difficulty in attributing technical devices (equipment) to measuring instruments (metrology instruments) and the scope of state regulation of assurance of measurement uniformity.

TMS experts carry out metrological analysis & evaluation of facilities, such as Combined heat and power plants, Heat power plants, Nuclear thermal power stations, Hydroelectric generating stations, Regional power stations and other facilities in different branches:

  • Evaluation and definition of the list of measuring instruments (metrology instruments) which are subject of metrological assurance (pattern approval and verification procedures)
  • Assessment of applicability of metrological permit documentation provided by vendors
  • Assessment of completeness and legitimacy of the metrology certification documents, received from vendors
  • Assistance to vendors and manufacturers in monitoring of metrological certification processes of their products
  • Preparation and drawing up reports on the preliminary assessment of the project (Assessment Report), containing lists of all equipment, measuring instruments, which are subject to state regulation, measuring instruments, which are not subject to state regulation, technical means (not measuring instruments), etc.