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Pattern approval of measuring instruments

Pattern approval of measuring instrumentsIn Russia the assurance of measurement uniformity is governed by law and by means of pattern approval procedure in accordance with the Article 12 FZ “On assurance of measurement uniformity” dated June 26th, 2008 No. 102-FZ.

TMS experts together with accredited laboratories and organizations provide the whole complex of services on preparation & tests fulfillment with the purpose of pattern approval of measuring instruments (metrology instruments), beginning with evaluation of technical documentation, tests themselves, assistance to the client in filling in the Application for testing center and ending with receiving pattern approval certificate (PAC) with attachment.

PERIOD OF EXECUTION: from 3,5 months

COST OF PERFORMANCE: from 270 000,00 RUR



Pattern approval procedure of measuring instruments:

Pattern approval of measuring instruments

For tests performing, the following documents must be provided by the applicant (manufacturer):

  • An application for testing;
  • Passport/logbook on measuring instrument (in Russian);
  • Operation manual on measuring instrument (in Russian);
  • Protocols and manufacturer's calibration procedures (if available);
  • Declaration of documentation completeness, the level of protection and the lack of undocumented software features of measuring instruments (in case of software presence);
  • TR CU 020/2011 Certificate/Declaration “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" (if necessary);
  • Certificate of conformity for explosion proof equipment (if necessary);
  • Power of attorney copy on representation of interests of measuring instrument (metrology instrument) manufacturer, if the manufacturer is not an applicant.

TMS experts, if necessary, can develop and refine a set of operational documentation which is necessary for pattern approval of measuring instruments.

Tests will be conducted on manufacturer of measuring instrument site and/or on accredited testing laboratory basis with the provision of samples.

In order to reduce both time and effort, prior to the tests, TMS experts carry out the preparatory work, namely the development and preliminary approval with the client the following drafts:

  • pattern (type) description for measuring instruments (metrology instruments);
  • verification (so called, state calibration) procedures (in case of necessity);
  • test certificate with the purpose of pattern approval.

PAC’s validity

PAC’s validity

TMS provides services for extension of validity period of pattern approval certificates of measuring instruments.