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Verification of measuring instruments

Verification of measuring instrumentsVerification - the establishment of an accredited organization the suitability of measuring instrument (metrology instrument) to operate on the basis of experimentally obtained metrological characteristics (during the verification procedure), and conformation of their compliance of the approved in pattern (type) description intervals (ranges).

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to obtain permission to the use of measuring instruments approved as a pattern (type), they are up to commissioning and after repairs have to undergo initial verification procedure, and during operation - periodic verification (Article 13 of the Federal Law of June 26th, 2008 No. 102-FZ “On assurance of measurement uniformity”).

TMS specialists offer OPTIMAL CONDITIONS of verification, as in complex projects, and for individual types of measurements (in terms and cost) and always guarantee the highest quality of work.

Verification of measuring instrumentsTMS, together with accredited laboratories and organizations, organizes and carries out work on verification in a wide field of accreditation, and especially measuring equipment such as:

  • Pressure gauges and Pressure transmitters;
  • Thermometers, Thermocouples and Temperature transmitters;
  • Measuring transducers;
  • Gas analyzers, Chromatographs;
  • Rotameters, Flow meters, etc.

Types of verification works:

Types of verification works

If the measuring instrument has passed the verification process, it is applied verification mark and (or) a verification certificate is issued and (or) put an entry in the relevant section of passport (logbook).

If, after verification the measuring instrument considered unfit, a notification of unfitness is issued and verification certificate is canceled.