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New mark – EAC

New mark – EAC

Products, which passed conformity assessment according to CU TR, should be marked with an EAC mark.

 CU TR which came into force 01/07/2012

  • On safety of toys
  • On safety of products intended for children and adolescents
  • On safety of perfumes and cosmetics
  • On safety of packages
  • On safety of production of consumer goods ( light industry products)

CU TR which came into force 15/02/2013

  • On safety of machinery and equipment
  • On safety of equipment for operation in explosive atmospheres
  • On electro magnetic compatibility
  • On safety of lifts
  • On safety of low voltage equipment
  • On safety of devices, operating on gas fuels 

The requirements for application of mark is described in each CU TR.

Requirements for EAC mark:

  • The letters “E”, “A”, “C” designed just with the right angles
  • The letters enclosed in the square, so the height = width
  • The mark designed on bright  or hard background (refer to figure)
  • The size of the mark should be not less than 5 mm

The size and design of the mark should guaranty legibility and visibility of the letters with the naked eyes during life time of the product. 

New mark – EAC