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SMETA 6.0: a brief overview of the main issues

In June 2017 a new version of SMETA 6.0 came into force, which is one of the most universally acknowledged praxes of an ethical (social) audit, aimed at optimization of collaboration between retailers and suppliers, combining the principles of good faith and ethics regarding work organization.

The new version of the norm maintains the division into SMETA 2 Pillar and SMETA 4 Pillar:

2 Pillar comprises the following aspects:

  • legislative requirements on industrial safety and working conditions,
  • requirements on the management system of the organization in question,
  • staff recruitment,
  • reparations,
  • work with subcontractors,
  • environmental effect.

In addition to the 2 Pillar aspects, 4 Pillar encompasses the aspects as follows:

  • in-depth requirements regarding the environmental impact of the organization,
  • aspects of the company’s business reputation and ethic norms of business relationships  (anti-corruption measures etc).

What to choose: 2 Pillar or 4 Pillar?

There are no determined requirements and prescriptions on choice between these procedures, thus suppliers make their own choice focusing on their expectations from the audit results and customers’ wishes.

What is special emphasis in the new version of SMETA 6.0 laid on?

  • corporate responsibility for the respect for human rights;
  • focus on the provision of maximum transparency in staff recruitment;
  • strengthening the fight against forced labour;
  • analysis of staff turnover;
  • business ethics in the field of financial requirements.

SMETA 6.0 is based on the following documents:

  • SMETA Best Practice Guidance. A guidance on ethical principles of conducting audits.
  • SMETA Measurement Criteria. A set of instructions on the issues of auditors’ concern.
  • SMETA report. An audit report format.
  • SMETA CAPR: A corrective action plan format.
  • SMETA Summary Guidance. What’s new in SMETA 6.0 & FAQ’s.

For further information please contact Management Service department (Certification) info@tms-cs.ru, as well as clicking on the link: SMETA social audit.