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Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing

TMS RUS offers a wide range of services of nondestructive inspection and testing. Having accumulated vast international experience, our experts are accredited in accordance with SNT-TC-1A.

TMS provides nondestructive testing services in the field of petrochemical product processing, including inspections of all major equipment units, components and hazardous production facilities.

The nondestructive testing is carried out using universal ultrasonic equipment. We offer the following laboratory methods of nondestructive testing:

  • computed radiography;
  • liquid penetration examination / magnetic-particle inspection;
  • radiographic profiling;
  • SCAR (Small Controlled Area Radiography).

All specialists involved in interpretation of records, radiographs, images and analysis results are highly trained and experienced in this field.

The following systems are used in nondestructive testing:

  • vacuum chambers with air compressors and electrical pumps;
  • ultrasonic systems (portable, C-scanners, B-scanners, etc.);
  • systems based on the diffusion of the magnetic flow (pipe scanners, bottom scanners).

The nondestructive testing laboratory offers testing services for:

  • items subject to boil inspections;
  • gas supply and distribution systems;
  • weight-lifting equipment;
  • hoisting machines, gas/oil-product pipelines, tanks, station equipment;
  • potentially explosive equipment, process pipelines, steam equipment.

Our experts perform nondestructive testing, reveal any non-conformity and provide advice and recommendations.

Rely on the expertise and meticulousness of our team of professionals! For 150 years, TMS has been making our world a safer and nicer place to live in!