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Process audit

Process audit is the analytic activity focused on extensive analysis of current situation in production and auxiliary processes, “bottle neck” technical problems analysis, problems reveal, reveal of the “bottle necks” during planning stage, process run, communication and monitoring process organization. Besides, process audit allows you to identify unnecessary and redundant operations.

Thus, process audits and subsequent decisions make a significant contribution to the achievement of high quality products and offer the customer the affordable prices.

One of the approach to the process audit is reflected in the standard of German automotive manufacturers - VDA 6.3 which is a multi-step methodology of audits conducted during the entire life cycle of the product. The approach is applicable to any type of production.

"TMS RUS" provides the services on preparing, conducting and training for process audits according to VDA 6.3 used for internal and supplier processes’ audits; all that includes:

  • Audit of the process planning effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Audit of the production processes;
  • Audit of the product planning and development process;
  • Audit of the supplier management process;
  • Analysis of the weaknesses and internal processes risk factors;
  • Analysis of the customer requirements fulfillment and after-sales service;

Early detection of problems and risks helps to reduce the amount of incoming inspection and random number of samples, avoid the supply of nonconforming products, develop preventive measures for the management of processes, which significantly affect the quality, and cost of production.

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