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Construction Products Regulation EU 2011/305 (Directive 89/106/ЕЕС). Construction Products

Certificates of Construction ProductConstruction Products

Pre-market approval and certification is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of construction products and materials. There are established methods of assessment, testing and identifying all product characteristics. Certificates of construction material and product compliance attest not only their compliance and quality, but also their safety in use.

Construction Products Regulation EU 2011/305 has been in effect since July 2013. It replaced Directive 89/106/ЕЕС and CE Marking Decision 768/2008/EC applied to construction products.

The reviewed regulation establishes methods to inspect and assess parameters of construction equipment and products.

Products that had been placed on the EU market prior to 1 July of the current year are recognized to be compliant with Regulation 2011/305 based on the supporting documents issued in accordance with Directive 89/106/EEC.

Subject to Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD), construction material certification is required for all construction products to be sold in the EU market, whether they were made of wood, plastic, metal, concrete, etc.

Certificates of Construction Product Conformity

Nowadays, certification is required nearly for all types of goods in the construction market, especially for construction materials and products, personal protective equipment, explosion-proof equipment, lifts, etc. The mark of construction product certification must be affixed to every product, if possible, and where it is not, the product packing should be marked. If there is no marking or if the marking is not affixed properly, manufactures are subject to fines.

Construction product certification enables manufacturers to provide the consumer with the information confirming that their products comply with national and international building standards and regulations: raw materials they are made of are 100% safe, their production was in line with the requirements and the products themselves were properly assessed. The certification requires information about the materials used for the production and the production conditions.

The certification of construction materials is held according to the established procedure that consists of a number of steps and involves the following activities:

  • determine which directive applies to this type of product. If none of directives is complied with, the marking cannot be affixed to the product;
  • determine the conformity module;
  • verify the certification validity: determine the effective date of the relevant directive, other documents the product is compliant with;
  • determine which harmonized standards apply to the product;
  • asses the conformity to directives; take relevant measures if any deviation or violation is revealed;
  • develop technical documentation in line with the directive;
  • draw up the Declaration of Conformity and attach information about all essential facts revealed during the certification.

Furthermore, construction product certification involves the assessment of compliance with internationals requirements, including storage rules, types of packing, etc.

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