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Requirements of ISO 37001. Anti-bribery management systems

Requirements of ISO 37001. Anti-bribery management systemsThe publication of the international standard ISO 37001 in October 2016 formalized the tendency to control anti-bribery activities around the world. Like other international standards ISO 37001:2016 «Anti-bribery management systems» contains the best global practices in the fight against bribery. Its peculiarity consists in the unification of the concept of bribery in order to reduce possible risks and strengthen anti-bribery control.

The ISO 37001 standard is universal for organizations of all sizes and forms of ownership and has a structure similar to the requirements, for example, ISO 9001, and therefore does not require special additional costs for implementation and is easily integrated with the QMS, IMS, etc.

The training review course on this topic includes an explanation of the requirements of the standard ISO 37001 itself and is supported by the legislative base of the Russian Federation in the part of resistances bribery and corruption:

  • the concept of corruption and standards for anti-bribery activities;
  • the basics of building a system of anti-bribery;
  • development of anti-bribery policies and the appointment of those responsible;
  • organization context and goals of anti-bribery management;
  • risk assessment;
  • rules of conduct for employees within the framework of the anti-bribery system.

This 1-day training is conducted online in the form of a webinar.

To obtain a detailed training program and the trainer CV please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru.