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SMETA opportunities

Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit is a social responsibility audit, which is provided in accordance with the ETI Base Code and the Supplier Code of Conduct.

There are two types of evaluation:

  • SMETA pillar 2. It is based on the requirements of legislation of a certain country and the ETI Base Code. An emphasis is placed on production safety and working conditions.
  • SMETA pillar 4. In addition to what was mentioned above, the company´s business reputation as well as the impact of its work on the environment is examined. 

In the result of the verification the auditor’s conclusion is available on the SEDEX platform. It is recognized by the members of the AIM-PROGRESS program (a union of leading companies specialized in consumer goods branch). The company can have one audit conducted, but the results of the procedure can be then used repeatedly by its partners registered on the SEDEX platform.  

On the base of AIM-PROGRESS suppliers are being analyzed in the context of social responsibility.


SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a non-commercial organization and one of the main platforms for the information exchange available in real time, where SMETA audit reports can be uploaded and kept, so that interested parties can get information on the conducted audits on social, environmental and ethical responsibility in supplier chains.  

The platform unites members having SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Audit) audits conducted. The SMETA audit comprises the following modules:

  • labor safety;
  • production safety;
  • environmental protection;
  • labor conditions;
  • supplier´s business reputation.

SEDEX advantages:

For suppliers: reduced number of audits from clients. Demonstration of conformity with the ethical and social standards through SEDEX database.

For clients: organization of their own supplier chains and reducing of risks in the area of social responsibility and business sustainability, so that image and reputation risks could be reduced as well.

Need for SMETA and its regulatory framework

SEDEX audit confirms that the company:

  • has created favorable conditions for comfortable work;
  • is aimed at reducing of environmental damage;
  • fulfills its obligations in the supplier’s chain in a timely manner.

The updated requirements on SMETA were endorsed at SEDEX Stakeholder Forum in April 2017 and implemented on June, 1st 2017. SMETA 6.0 version is based on the following documents:

  • SMETA Best Practice Guidance. A guidance on ethical principles of conducting audits.
  • SMETA Measurement Criteria. A set of instructions on the issues of auditors’ concern.
  • SMETA report. An audit report format.
  • SMETA CAPR: A corrective action plan format.
  • SMETA Summary Guidance. What’s new in SMETA 6.0 & FAQ’s.

What is to expect during and after SMETA audit?

The aim of the social audit is to examine the conformity of the economic activity of the enterprise with the international standards and regulatory norms of a certain country. In the course of the inspection the auditors:

  • examine the production conditions;
  • communicate with the employees;
  • analyze the primary and consolidated documentation;
  • take photos of working places and recreation area;
  • etc.

After the audit the company receives an audit report, recommendations on the improvement and terms for their fulfillment. The auditor’s conclusion is published in SEDEX database.

A social audit is a prerequisite for the improvement of cooperation between your company and partners.  

SMETA audit

TMS RUS, having a great experience and an impeccable record in conducting audits in accordance with a large scale of standards, offers services in conducting SMETA audits.

The audits are conducted by Russian experts, qualified in evaluation in accordance with SEDEX international regulations.

Please submit your application and get further information at: Management Service department, info@tms-cs.ru.

SMETA Training

The TMS RUS Academy has developed training program for organizations faced with social audits (SMETA, ICS, etc.). Our experts have experience in conducting such audits, in addition they are accredited by SEDEX. The lecturers share  their experience with participants of training, they describe in details the most frequently non-conformities and help to develop the tools necessary for a successful passing social audit.

SMETA Training is an one-day online training. To get a detailed training program and a lecturer's curriculum vitae​, please, write to e-mail info@tms-cs.ru