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Statistical methods in the Quality Management System

Statistical methods in the Quality Management SystemThe training is designed both for specialists of quality services and for personnel involved in production processes. It considers 7 basic tools, which are used in the process of improving the quality management system (QMS).

Use of these tools is an effective way to develop new technology and to control processes quality as well as ensuring effective QMS functioning. During the training participants develop statistical thinking way – to consider developments, processes and their results in terms of variability; to analyze existing problems; to recognize existing problems and to analyze them by collecting statistics.

During training participants practice:

  • development of checklists - basic tool for acquisition and organizing primary data;
  • histograming - graphic display of quantitative product information;
  • Cpk index - process performance index (probability of variations from standard);
  • Pareto diagram - method of identifying the activities results and identifying and analyzing the causes of production problems;
  • Ishikawa diagram - a tool for identifying cause-effect relationships between quality indicators and the factors affecting them.

The training is conducted by the leading expert-auditor ISO 9001.

A detailed training program and a lecturer's summary can be obtained at: info@tms-cs.ru