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Supplier Audit

Аудит поставщика

Audit of suppliers is the aim that is becoming a necessity for organizing of effective production. TMS specialists can help you with features of audit of the second party and with correct work organization in this sphere.

What does “supplier audit” mean?

Market globalization and infrastructure development result in a necessity to supply raw materials and spare parts from regions that offer lower price despite their remoteness.

Cooperation with remote suppliers involves risks that can cancel all advantages of work with them. Along with possible loss of goods during transportation there are risks connected with delivery of goods or raw materials of low quality, possible negative influence of supplier’s image on customer company’s reputation and its perception among consumers. Supplier audit can solve this problems and help you to choose a reliable partner among set of offers.

Features and steps of supplier audit

The second party audit is to be totally transparent and absolutely open. There should be agreement of both parties to conduct the audit. The main moment of supplier audit planning will be criteria by which it is necessary to estimate activity of the enterprise. Formation of the minimum requirements, according to which supplier audit is carried out, is one of the first services provided by qualified auditors.

The first step of checking is coordination of terms, aims, and specialists team with both parties. Irrespective of a field of activity of the enterprise audit of the second party should be carried out due to the analysis of the following directions:

  • implementation level of the customer requirements stated in the cooperation agreement;
  • level of understanding, observance of requirements imposed to storage, the handling of raw materials or production;
  • system approach to achievement of a certain level of  production quality;
  • summing up about reliability of the partner;
  • work with claims, analysis, offers on decrease in level of braque.

System audit is a key to success!

Carrying out audit of suppliers once a year, being limited to the only trip you cannot get complete opinion about partner’s activity and, as a result, you cannot consider all risks connected with cooperation. Only having provided a constant control and steady system of feedback with suppliers you can be insured from instability and one-day partners.

TMS holding invites you to cooperation, our experts have international experience in carrying out supplier audits and long-term history of providing services of European quality.