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Supplier audit

Tree-day supplier audit training is one of the most popular trainings, despite the fact that it is not regulated and not required by the management system standards.

The reason of the popularity comes from the goals and effectiveness of the supplier audit method. However the practice of this popular and effective method often causes many difficulties for auditors. Objections from the auditees such as "We always work this way", "Every month we have an audit, but you are the first to demand it from us" require an answer and a persuasion, therefore during the training we consider:

  • objectives and role of the supplier audit for the organizations-participants (how mutually beneficial and interesting is the partnership);
  • requirements list creation features for the supplier (it is important to find the "golden mean");
  • psychological aspects of the external audit for the stakeholders;
  • supplier development activities.

Frequent participants of the training: representatives of machine-building, automotive, aviation, railway industries; retail representatives.

To obtain a detailed training program and the lecturer summary please contact us at: info@tms-cs.ru