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Training “HACCP system”

HACCP system

Requirements of the HACCP system are not only the “best practice” of international companies but also the mandatory requirement of the Russian Federation and all EAEU countries.

HACCP implementation in companies however is usually not related to following certification process. In this regard most of trainings are aimed at maintaining the HACCP system in order to avoid trouble during inspections at the companies of the food industry.

HACCP development and implementation for food manufacturers and catering

During the training on the development and implementation of HACCP TMS RUS experts not only impart knowledge of compliance with regulatory requirements and experiences with supervisory authorities, priority task of studying HACCP, is to gain knowledge and skills of developing and maintaining the system for convenience, risk and flawed products reduction. In addition, our courses allow you to see the best practices and approaches of implementation process.

Training program and practical tasks contains:

  • understanding of HACCP system - how new and unusual is the system for food production? What are the problems of food safety?
  • consideration of the general food hygiene principles: regarding production processes, buildings and equipment, water supply, premises and facilities, for staff, control over production processes, implementation of sanitary and preventive measures, handling glass and flawed materials, personal staff hygiene, pest control etc.;
  • practical works on the implementation of HACCP steps from developing flow chart to documenting test results;
  • submission of HACCP inventory and sample documentation.

Training of the HACCP system is recommended for representatives of the food industry and catering companies, supervisory and inspection authorities, consultants.

The training is conducting by the leading FSMS expert.

A detailed training program and a lecturer's summary can be obtained at: info@tms-cs.ru